6. Juni 2019

Giulio B – the authentic actor with big plans

Giulio is an Italian actor who was born in Germany but raised in Italy and now lives in Berlin since the end of 2018.  
What fascinates him about movies is that you dive into another dimension; a dimension where
3. Juni 2019

Lisa R. – Paris, Berlin, what’s next?

Lisa is a ballet dancer, actress and presenter in Berlin who already played and danced on the biggest stages in Berlin and Paris.
At the age of 6 she started ballet and since then hasn’t lost her passion for the
28. Mai 2019

Annika M. – partygirl, physiotherapist or both?

Annika was born in the west of Germany and lives in Berlin for 2 years now.
Being a physiotherapist was always in her blood, her father is one and since she was little she was thrilled at how all  the
16. Mai 2019

Manuel N. – passionate dancer, choreographer and world traveler

Manu is a passionate dancer and choreographer from Berlin.
Growing up with Hip-Hop he always had an affection for urban dance. After he finished school he started to pursue his dancing career.
As a self-taught dancer he is very proud
9. Mai 2019

Anto C. & Casio O. – a duo from outer space

Anto and Casio are a couple from Australia that now lives in Berlin.
The two artists met in Australia many years ago on the street and ended up living in a share house together, where they created their own community
30. April 2019

Genifer H. – actress, director, happy powerhouse

Geni, is an actress from Berlin.
To her acting is defined by a lot of fun, because she loves to slip into other roles.
On top of that she describes her profession as the biggest luck: the fact that she
25. April 2019

Maïa Z – the actress with a big heart and a little secret

Maïa is an actress who lives in Berlin with her 2 children since she’s 3 years old.
She was born in Paris, where she also later on spent some time touring.
She decided to pursuit an acting career
16. April 2019

Sarah St. – dancing diva and embodiment of a cancer

Sarah is a dancer and a dancing teacher – she teaches improvisation to professional dancers, as well as people who have an interest in moving or dance.
She started dancing sine she was 3 years old, at first just wiggling
11. April 2019

Michael-David B. – the persistent acting peacock

Michael-David is an actor and a singer who currently lives in Berlin.
To him acting is something very special: a former acting teacher once told him that his job is to be a professional human being.
Having to be open,