13. August 2019

Rainer M – rockstar or soap-star?

Rainer is an actor from the north of Germany. When he was younger he always dreamed of being a rockstar, but it didn’t work out the way he wanted to. 
One day he was working as a waiter when a
1. August 2019

Jennifer K. – the chaotic and lovable fashion enthusiast

Jen is a Berlin living girl that works for an e-commerce retailer in the realm of fashion. 
Her passion for fashion was born when she made a little internship for a Designer – she then bought a sowing machine and
30. Juli 2019

Sebastian S. – cashier, holiday rep, circus acrobat

Sebastian is a circus acrobat from Berlin who grew up in a little village in the south of Germany. 
After trying all the different types of sports his village had to offer he started to do breakdance and skating which
26. Juli 2019

Claudia C. – the colorful and spontaneous cheesecake-lover

What does Claudi do in life? Everything. Most of her time is spent hustling and traveling around. 
In her spare time she likes being with her friends and trying to make the world a little bit more brighter. 
One of
22. Juli 2019

Emil F. – the sincere danish actor with a big voice

Emil is an actor and singer from Denmark who, at a very early age, found his passions for art and creativity. 
When his brother started to play piano, he wanted to learn playing as well and eventually started to go
19. Juli 2019

Julia R.- Between suits and punk rock clothing…

Julia is a punk rock character from Belarus.
In her childhood, she was acting in front of the camera and found herself again in many different roles.
Today, she feels more comfortable to stay true to herself and she helps
27. Juni 2019

Daniel St. – from a cereal commercial in Guatemala to the stages in Berlin

Daniel is a passionate actor who moved to Berlin in 2018 to learn more about acting and building a career here. 
At a very young age he found the love for his passions which include dancing, football and karate. 
20. Juni 2019

Bruna S. – kind, flamboyant, unequalled

Bruna is a brasilian actress who moved to Berlin in 2018 in order to specify and learn more about Screen-Acting.  
Her passion for acting developed through reading books – she wanted to give the characters that were created through
18. Juni 2019

Moritz H. – the flexible acrobat with a never-ending amount of passion

Moritz is an acrobat who lives already for 9 years in Berlin. Dancing, sewing and aerial are his specialities.
Living in the moment, enjoying the sun, and being able to do what you want to do, whenever you want to