16. April 2019

Sarah St. – dancing diva and embodiment of a cancer

I’m Sarah, in my life currently I’m dancing and I’m teaching improvisation to professional dancers, as well as to people who have an interest in moving or dance.
I started dancing when i was 3 years old, of course at
11. April 2019

Michael-David B. – the persistent acting peacock

My name is Michael-David and currently I’m working as an actor and singer in Berlin.
Perfect happiness for me isn’t necessarily the pursuit of happiness.
I would say that finding a state of contentment and gratitude is more realistic.
9. April 2019

Quincy J. – This powerhouse will make you sweat!

Quincy is a choreographer from South America who was raised in Brooklyn, NY.
There he studied dance, theater, music and acting and decided afterwards to move to Berlin.
His special skills and talents include choreographing, doing voice work, acting and
4. April 2019

Andrea W. – the cheeky girl next door

Andrea is a musical actress and actress in theater and film from Berlin.
Already at the age of 10, she knew that she wanted to practice this profession.
Before she took that path, she produced her own music, rapped, and
2. April 2019

Marcus M.- the producer on all levels

Marcus is a musician from Berlin.
He sings, plays accordion, piano and keyboard and produces his own songs and musicals.
It is a motivation for him if other people underestimate him.
And he likes to show these people that they’re
15. März 2019

Waridi S.- the ambassador of African fashion

Since 24 years Waridi works with african fashion designers to use fashion as a tool to communicate and rebrand Africa.
It’s important for her to give the people another point of view of Africa which contains that there are many
14. März 2019

Devon K.- the queen of Humana and humanity

Devon is a street style photographer and fashion director of a print magazine in Berlin.
For her, fashion is art and she loves to search for cool outfits and take pictures of new, exciting styles on the streets of Berlin.
5. März 2019

Marcus L.- The common ground between a supermarket and a club? Dancing!

Marcus is a passionate dancer and loves to dance everywhere and always.
In the supermarket, on the street, in the club. As long as he can move, Marcus is happy.
For him, Berlin is freedom because he can move and
4. Februar 2019

Sophie W. – Half unicorn and half gremlin…

Sophie is a meditation teacher, artist manager and managed her own gallery for a while.
She accidentally slipped into the art scene and out of it also by coincidence by a business trip back out.
On this business trip she