17. Januar 2019

Katharina Q.- a forest fairy wants to learn martial arts

Katharina studies singing and music theater at the UdK. The opera has always played a big role in her life, she has already appeared with many little solos.
She enjoys being able to sing every day. That’s her favorite activity.
8. Januar 2019

Judith V. – a perfect balance between heaven and Hel

Judith lives in Berlin and is a singer.
Already as a child, she has always played instruments and sung in bands
In 2013 she made it to the final of the show „The Voice of Germany” and from then on,
7. Dezember 2018

THOMAS S. – the extraordinary actor who innovates the noodle world

Thomas is a true Austrian who lived in Asia but also now has his roots in Berlin
He is an avid martial arts fan and his dream was to be a stuntman in the Jackie Chan team
He had gray
27. November 2018

ALINA W. – a unique type with rough edges and flaws and up’s and down’s

Alina, singer and songwriter, comes from a very music-loving family and stood with 7 years for her very first gig on stage
She lives an amazingly extraordinary life
From a small tranquil town in the Black Forest, she has meanwhile
7. November 2018

TANJA B. – perfumer, yoga teacher, model

Tanja started her successful international modelling career in Paris and London when she was 18 years old
Then she moved to New York, where she lived 20 years and continued modelling
She gave also all her passions and free time
8. Oktober 2018

Lennard W. – Leistungssportler, Polizeikommissar-Anwärter & GQ Gentleman 2018

Lennard ist Leistungssportler und ringt seit 20 Jahren. Zweimal täglich trainiert er Krafttraining oder übt auf der Ringermatte. An dem Sport gefällt ihm, dass er alleine auf sich angewiesen. Er gewinnt alleine und verliert alleine.

Aber Lennard ist nicht nur …

8. Oktober 2018

Isabel R. – Die Opernsängerin, die wie eine Göttin singt

Isabel ist eine ausgebildete Opernsängerin und als darstellende Künstlerin gehört zu ihren Stärken noch Tanz, Schauspiel und Performance dazu

Sie machte Oper zu ihrem Beruf und singt seitdem sie 3 Jahre alt.
Ab dem 11. Jahr nahm sie professionellen klassischen …

8. Oktober 2018

Courtney H. -Her life is a balance between Yin and Yang

Courtney, is a Berliner freelance artist
So movement is who she is, she was classically trained in ballet for a very long time

But she is also an actress and model and she loves writing.
Writing is another way of …

28. August 2018

Hanna R. – Our new future Beth Dito…

Hanna is a swedish art student
We discover her at the famous open doors days from the UDK Berlin and we where immediately flashed by her
Hanna is in love with Berlin, it’s her favourite city in the world

Her …