Alina W. - a unique type with rough edges and flaws and up's and down's

Alina, singer and songwriter, comes from a very music-loving family and stood with 7 years for her very first gig on stage
She lives an amazingly extraordinary life
From a small tranquil town in the Black Forest, she has meanwhile landed in this Berlin , city with millions of residents
As a songwriter, she writes all her songs, the lyrics and tunes herself and sits in the studio with the producers and arrange the songs
The name of their successful debut album is “Die Einzige” (“The only one”) and she tells her whole life in these songs
She is the type of:
Self made woman, self employed and has worked hard for herself
Her top priority is „100% authenticity“
And she has been „CURVY“ all her life …
She is not a Skinny leggins, Skinny Bitch and is a wonderful role models, who does not want to fit in with these 60 90 60 sizes cliche
Alina, the superwoman, is very interested in BODY POSITIVITY and encourages women and, of course men, to be as they are
Her life was and is not always pink …
She had to fight and there were already many up’s and down’s
Her life motto is to dream really big, to follow your dreams, and not to wait for someone to come save you or make it for you, but to do it yourself
We, the crew of 1A Management are 100% with ALINA and are looking forward to working with her on creative projects