Judith V. - a perfect balance between heaven and Hel

Judith lives in Berlin and is a singer.
Already as a child, she has always played instruments and sung in bands
In 2013 she made it to the final of the show „The Voice of Germany” and from then on, her career has intensified.
Judith sings German POP which deeply stimulates thought, she writes her lyrics herself and communicates in her songs what’s going on in her and lets her feelings run wild
Her look is as personal as her songs, always a little crazy and different – she has it in her blood
Her body and her tattoos are her means of expression
Fashionably she had hippie phases, or was dressed as a punk rocker with torn clothes and lots of leather jackets with messages on it
She loves to spend any of her free minutes with the music
But she also would like to sit in a not too big house with many friends around the table and share a delicious meal with them
And after her life motto – everything that she can think of and wish for, can she reach