Maia Z. - the actress with a big heart and a little secret

Maïa is an actress who lives in Berlin with her 2 children since she’s 3 years old.
She was born in Paris, where she also later on spent some time touring.
She decided to pursuit an acting career when her father saw her performing on stage the first time in a theater in middle school and encouraged her to make that her profession.
During her time in theater school she also had a girl group with whom she was touring and performing in front of 20.000 people. But she wants to keep the name as a little secret because it is a bit embarrassing for her nowadays.
To her seeing people start crying or laughing or thinking about a topic that was portrayed during a show is very fulfilling – seeing that she can move people with acting or singing just brings her the biggest joy.
Perfect happiness doesn’t really exist for her- she rather describes happiness as a moment. An evening with friends and a good glass of wine, the first applause after a successful premiere – this is what perfect happiness is for Maïa.