Thomas S. - the extraordinary actor who innovates the noodle world

Thomas is a true Austrian who lived in Asia but also now has his roots in Berlin
He is an avid martial arts fan and his dream was to be a stuntman in the Jackie Chan team
He had gray hair since he was 18 years old
Thanks to a gene defect that turned out to be very attractive
Older women and men also like gray-haired men …
This makes Thomas even more extravagant, but in a way that reflects his personality
Because Thomas indeed is different than the others!!!
He reads many textbooks, be it psychology, biology, philosophy, astrology …
In addition, he is a man of facts and also plays very passionate chess
To be different, is his life motto!!!
That’s why he now cares about his independence and revolutionized the noodle world
With his partners and his crew and under the brand BAIHU – Instant Noodle innovations, he attracts us with noodles like eg. Curry, Sweet Sour, sharp and Miso in the gustative spell