27. September 2019

Daniella D. – the bright and vivid model from NYC

Daniella grew up in New York in an Italian family, and moved to europe to follow her passions.  […]
19. September 2019

Norman Kevin M.

Norman originally lives in the south of Germany but through his job as a photographer gets to travel […]
27. August 2019

Sebastian B. – DiskJockey, SkateJockey and YogaJockey

Sebastian is a DJ from Berlin who has a passion for music since he remembers.  Everything started when […]
13. August 2019

Rainer M – rockstar or soap-star?

Rainer is an actor from the north of Germany. When he was younger he always dreamed of being […]
1. August 2019

Jennifer K. – the chaotic and lovable fashion enthusiast

Jen is a Berlin living girl that works for an e-commerce retailer in the realm of fashion.  Her […]
30. Juli 2019

Sebastian S. – cashier, holiday rep, circus acrobat

Sebastian is a circus acrobat from Berlin who grew up in a little village in the south of […]
26. Juli 2019

Claudia C. – the colorful and spontaneous cheesecake-lover

What does Claudi do in life? Everything. Most of her time is spent hustling and traveling around.  In […]
22. Juli 2019

Emil F. – the sincere danish actor with a big voice

Emil is an actor and singer from Denmark who, at a very early age, found his passions for […]
19. Juli 2019

Julia R.- Between suits and punk rock clothing…

Julia is a punk rock character from Belarus. In her childhood, she was acting in front of the […]