Moritz H. - the flexible acrobat with a never-ending amount of passion

Moritz is an acrobat who lives already for 9 years in Berlin. Dancing, sewing and aerial are his specialities.
Living in the moment, enjoying the sun, and being able to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do, to him, is what perfect happiness is about.
Being invited to join a workshop in brasil in April 2019 was a very outstanding moment for Moritz. The workshop included learning to do  flying trapeze which was a perfect mix of fun and adrenaline to him.
While being on stage, he doesn’t feel like it’s work. Moritz can let loose and embody his character completely during a performance in order to astound the audience.
His motto isn’t definable – is his opinion nearly every motto can be fitting according to the situation someone currently is in. So “variety” in some way is his motto.